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Siemen Cox « Encuentros ChileGlobal Rotterdam 2015

Siemen Cox

Siemen Cox

Founder of RotterZwam

Siemen Cox used to work in financial services. He did not really feel connected to the field and, inspired by “The Crash Course” (Chris Martenson), he started to make changes in his life, both privately and professionally, towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Siemen Cox is one of the founders of RotterZwam, a cooperative that practices and promotes a  ‘blue economy’ (also referred to a circular economy). RotterZwam produces oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds and aims to convert as much coffee grounds as possible to food.  Currently RotterZwam is initiating, together with about 50 entrepreneurs, Blue City Rotterdam, an R&D lab develop and demonstrate the potential of a circular city.

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