Ají Challenge chose its 15 semifinalists.

Ají Challenge

On Monday 18 Ají Challenge announced the 15 selected projects, within the 100 participating. Which means that these projects were considered capable of generating a change in the world and Ají Challenge will help them to achieve this.

In June, three finalists will be chosen within these 15. They will go to Encuentros ChileGlobal Rotterdam 2015 to present their work to the audience and jury. In addition, they will present their project at MIT in Boston at the end of the year.

The winning projects (in alphabetical order) are:



Aminotec is a biotechnology company capable of generating bacteria for industrial needs.

Biotic Solutions

Biotic Solutions

Biotic Solutions, a biotechnological research company, aims to develop the first bacterial based dioxin biosensor.



Ek01, is a portable device that captures and converted plant´s energy into electricity through a biocircuit.

EVA – Cleaning Water

Eva Clean Water

GEA Enzymes

Gea Enzymes

GEA Enzymes has a disruptive technology research and production of enzymes of industrial importance.


Good Lock

Combines lights, radio, brake or whatever you want. If they dont know what to activate, or the order, your car takes care of itself.

Green Glass

Green Glass

We saved the world saving bottles. Collected from the trash, they end up being the coolest gift, like glasses.

Maval C. S.


Innovative solid construction material with the potential to replace the cement and other similar materials.



It is a device that upon contact with urine changes color in response to the presence of human papillomavirus.o

PiC Preserve in Community

Pic Preserve

Platform through small contributions manages to create parks around the world to be preserved.



100% natural and organic natural coating, with added natural extracts to extend the shelf life of fruits.

Transitum Machina



R&D+i firm that attacks the critical points of the agricultural industry with antibacterial devices based on “Cu”.

VAI Chile


VAI is bottled water in a container made from plant sugars, 100% compostable, free from carcinogens (BPA Free).

Yerka Project


Yerka Project is a bike that can not be stolen (without breaking it first).