Plenary Sessions




In the plenary sessions the presentations and discussions will be based on three pillars: A picture of today’s Chile, Modeling the future and Taking action.

Picture of today´s Chile

The plenary opening session will focus on the current Chile. Hereby we intend to establish a starting point for reflection on Chile’s capacities and limitations, to articulate the context we are in today. This session will catalyze our discussions during the conference.

Moderator: Michiel Baud

Modeling the future

Having identified where Chile’s place is on the map of sustainable development, we can make plans and look for possible directions. The second plenary session will focus on different perspectives to approach development and discuss cases that are relevant for Chile. We consider it important to foster discussion based on different perspectives that include social and ecological factors, as well as knowledge creation.

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ir. J.C. Brezet (Han)

Key challenges for sustainability 

In this session key challenges for sustainability are presented by Mohan Munasinghe and Liset Meddens, two internationally experienced speakers involved in research, teaching, policymaking and activism for sustainable development. They will share their experiences and latest insights.

Taking actions

After two days of discussion about what sustainable development means in Chilean context, there probably are many questions and proposals. Experienced professionals are asked to inspire and invite us to take action, to advance sustainable and just development that benefits ourselves, our direct surroundings and Chile as a whole.

Moderator: Cristián Hernández-Cuevas