Better Future Factory

Better Future Factory

Better Future Factory (BFF) is a multi-disciplinary design, environmental and engineering company. BFF finds and develops creative yet realistic and sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues. Incorporating the underlying principles of the circular economy to close loops, cycle materials, increase value and develop businesses that contribute to a better future.

BFF has been responsible for the design and implementation of innovative recycling tools, such as Refil: in which plastic waste is used to create high quality ink (or ‘filament’) for 3D printing, and Polymore: low-tech appropriate recycling tools for developing countries, where plastic waste is used to create products which can be sold on local markets. 

Jonas Martens

Jonas R.J. Martens Msc. completed Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University Delft, the Netherlands in 2010. In 2008 he founded a company named Solarbear, based around an affordable solar refrigeration system for the developing world. In early 2012 he together with 4 others engineers­ founded the innovative design & engineering firm Better Future Factory (BFF) as pioneering CEO ­while at the same time he worked for the NGO Greenpeace up to September 2013. Work of BFF and Martens has been published in a multitude of (design­) books and other media.

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