Jeroen Deckers (moderator)

Jeroen Deckers (moderator)

Jeroen Deckers (moderator, curriculum editor, consultant) is cultural entrepreneur since 2004. Before he started his own business, he worked for the government as a policy advisor during two decades concerning various subjects, but always in a cultural environment.

About his entrepreneurship he says: “It’s my pleasure to connect people, their ideas, their passions. Moderating meetings (in various sizes) is one of my specialties. Another one is helping self-organizing teams to flourish. Custom-made formats, based on my practice, are useful to obtain engagement. I can be your sparring partner as your business and your daily routines are changing.”

Jeroen is cofounder of several cultural initiatives: Kunst in de Klas, Designplatform Rotterdam, Rotterdam Maakstad (instituut voor industriële recreatie).

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