Liset Meddens

Liset Meddens

Liset Meddens coordinates the fossilfree divestment campaign in the Netherlands. This world-wide movement, initiated by, calls upon public institutions to divest their shares from fossil fuel companies. The movement is fastly growing and very successful; as wealthy families like the Rockefellers, as well as quality newspapers like the Guardian and large pension funds start moving their money out of fossil fuels and supporting the cause to fight climate change.

In 2011 Liset was elected as the UN youth representative on sustainable development. She represented the voice of the youth at multiple UN conferences among which the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development. In 2013 Liset was selected among the 100 most innovative, inspirational Dutch young leaders in the field of sustainability. In 2014 she entered the Trouw ‘adult’ top 100 list of most influential people in the Netherlands dealing with sustainability.

Her background is in environmental sciences (Bsc at Utrecht University) and International development studies (Msc at Wageningen Universtity). Liset graduated on a large nature conservation project in Suriname; researching the changing power dynamics in developing countries due to globalisation.

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